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Stainless Steel - Aluminium - Steel - Brass - Copper - Silver

Nuneaton Polishing

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Nuneaton Polishing is a division of Custom Chrome Ltd & The Bend Shop


Metal Polishing:

We offer an in-house metal polishing service to both Industry and the public. With skills for processing prototypes, one off's and small batch work. Our metal polishers can often restore articles such as motorcycle cast aluminium parts and casings.

Brass and copper ware can usually be restored to an almost new look.

Stainless steel can be mirror polished in most cases, subject to its' quality. Steel can be polished ready for chrome plating or to whatever finish you require.

Please note:  Although we can prepare your material prior to chroming we no longer do chroming ourselves. 

Please call to discuss your requirements.

excludes jewellery and very small items